Below are some of the more interesting and creative jobs I have done.

Please, look through them for ideas and inspiration for your project.

However, if you request, I will not show your project here

-so nobody will ever have one exactly like it. 

     This was a very fun build for me. I told them I could build anything they could imagine, so they asked for a "football shaped octagonal turret"


Please note how removing the ceiling and adding cherry-wood collar ties opened up the room and made this house feel much larger and more elegant.


We remodel and restore Victorian Homes

We can perform major structural repairs and make it look perfect

Welded steel rails and posts with covered steel wires.

A personal favorite.

We worked for some time for developers doing trim and tile in high-end homes

Please notice how the textures and tones of the stone change as the light shifts

We can repeat this effect for you

If you look carefully, you will notice the shelf set to the right of the television swings inward

revealing a secret compartment to hide valuables, papers,

or in this case, a pair of remotes...

Excellent block and stone work

Nothing special about this job, just a cool picture

We can build Koi ponds and

water features for you

Lets talk texture

The picture upper left is an example of a hand texture or "skip trowel."

This is a rare feature in modern times because it is labor intensive.

Shown above and in upper right are examples of a two color skip trowel.

This is done by  pre-painting the wall, coloring the sheetrock putty,

hand texturing the wall, and sealing with a clear coat.

This creates an effect unlike any other and can be used for accent walls, arches, and anything else you want to feature.

I know of no other contractor anywhere in the world who offers this service. 

Call Joe at 650-278-0713

or 707-637-0555


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